Zuster is Dutch for sister, but in terms of Australian contemporary design it is synonymous with well conceived furniture of the utmost quality. At the creative helm of Zuster is Design Director Wilhelmina McCarroll, a champion of Australian manufacturing and contemporary design. Working for over 22 years as Design Director at Zuster, McCarroll has enjoyed the process of developing her design style and sharing her creative talents.

McCarroll’s love of beautiful design, coupled with the business acumen and drive of her sister Fleur Sibbel lead to the beginning of Zuster in their father’s Thomastown factory.  Wilhelmina’s creative direction is inspired by her own personal style – clean lines, modern and refined. A pride in crafting quality furniture with perfect proportions and beautiful joinery is what makes each Zuster piece so special.

“Zuster isn’t just a furniture brand; it’s a way of life. I design for the way I like to live – a vision of clean simplicity and sharing moments with those that are most important to me. I feel privileged to be able to share this through our unique designs and enjoy seeing pieces become part of a home.”

Today, Zuster’s signature is timeless style. Craftsmanship and genuine passion set the company ahead of its competitors by offering bespoke furniture specially designed to suit all lifestyle needs.

“When designing, I think about how people live and what we enjoy in our own homes rather than following industry trends. Every customer has very specific needs and we pride ourselves on developing bespoke solutions with our clients that are functional and beautiful.”

“When you buy a Zuster piece it’s for a lifetime. Our craftsmen are true artists who create each piece from start to finish, adding their own touch while achieving Zuster’s signature style. There is such a skill in making refined furniture and we are proud to support Australian talents.”