sheBuilt is about developing projects of impeccable quality and giving women in the built environment the opportunity to collaborate and create landmark projects. From design to delivery, we work with talented women. Most project lead positions are filled by women, from our staff and our partners to our suppliers. In an industry dominated by men, we’re proud to offer an alternative – a place where women can support one another creating projects of significance.

The Developer

I have been actively involved in Melbourne’s property industry for over fifteen years. Developments have included residential, commercial and retail projects within the city’s most coveted suburbs including Brighton, Caulfield, South Yarra, Hawthorn and Middle Park.

After working with others, in 2016 I decided to create my own property development business. Recognising the imbalance of professional women in the industry, I created sheBuilt to provide a platform and an opportunity for more roles in development and construction.

The current major project for sheBuilt is especially significant. Located in South Melbourne, the development consisting of a new commercial building and the incorporation of a heritage building is located next to my childhood home. My family has been part of this community for over half a century, and with this new project I am particularly keen to see this end of Clarendon Street enjoy new life.

The Developer

The Architect

The Team