Who Is Marina Brbot….

Marina Brbot is an award winning photographer and author of Australia’s very own inspirational coffee table book Because She Can.

Marina made it her mission to give women a voice and a platform through her creative vision, her images and by putting them under the cover of one book. Her approach to life has become direct, and creative.

The women in her book not only believed in a cause and chose to practice their values but also contribute to the world in a positive way. She wanted to give them a voice. Marina took their photos and listened to their stories and thus her book was born.

Knowing only to well that to embark on the journey that lay ahead of her she had to stay motivated , positive and remain true to who she was, the path in front of her was to be navigated by her authentic self.

Marina is dedicated to producing heartfelt speeches to audiences of women, which have raised much awareness in the importance of connecting with one another and knowing that collectively we can move mountains. Sharing her vivid journey and a commitment to inspire and visually connect through emotion and hope.

The motto that Marina Brbot lives by today is “Take what you have and run with it, Kick all obstacles out of your way, then run a little faster.” Marina’s book has been sold globally, her award winning images published and she is now a Motivational Speaker / Key note speaker understanding the need to motivate and inject inspiration into the lives of those that need it most.