George Goodnow (aka Goodie) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work incorporates painting, sculpture, performance and the use of cardboard and other recycled materials to produce installations. George has a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from the VCA, and currently lives and works in Melbourne (Naarm). By fabricating fictional architectures and objects, or adjusting existing architectures, George considers how spaces reflect, orientate and hold bodies.

Recent work explores notions of friendship, ownership, gender and binaries within suburban and metropolitan landscapes. George has exhibited and painted walls around Australia and overseas, and has collaborated on projects with the Melbourne Writers Festival, Signal Arts, Juddy Roller, the Australian National University and the Abbotsford Convent. She was the curator of Intermission Project at the Collingwood Arts Precinct in 2018, and is currently part of the curatorial panel at Science Gallery Melbourne.


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Mural | Bank Place, South Melbourne

‘Inside Out’

Goodie, believes it’s important for women and gender nonconforming people to have a role in imagining, shaping and building the spaces we experience. They bring more perspectives and different lived experiences to the table. Her mural overlays a fictional architecture over an existing architecture, creating a scene that feels in between interior and exterior. This poses questions about the relationships between private and public, and the imagined and real, suggesting different points of view & interpretations of reality simultaneously.

Time Lapse of Goodie’s creation