Chanel Tang is one half of the artist duo Creature Creature.  Born in Wellington, New Zealand, from Chinese heritage, she has a strong connection to graphic art, comics and Asian visual culture and aesthetics. She moved to Australia in 1998 where she did her Degree in Fine Art at Monash University and met Ambrose Rehorek doing a Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design at RMIT, forming Creature Creature. The couple focus their practice on the philosophy of collaboration.

CREATURE CREATURE is an artist duo consisting of Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek based in Melbourne in Australia. They first met at university and ‘flirted through art’ until they formed an official union in 2011 under one name. Creature Creature was chosen from a quote in the 1960’s film A Bucket of Blood; “A Creature is a Creature…or it is an artist!” Since then, they have focused on exhibiting art, mural commissions, street art, design and illustration.

Creature Creature play with the idea of duality, east meets west and the natural world.


I   @creaturecreaturestudios

Mural | Bank Street, South Melbourne


Chanel’s design depicts a team of horses that express power, strength and unity. Horses were an obsession of Chanel’s when younger as with many young girls, and they were her favourite thing to draw. She wants to depict them now in strong, personal way, in her own style, not influenced gender conformity.

Time Lapse of Chanel’s creation